NEW YEAR LUCKY BUNDLE - 'Kansha Fukubukuro'

NEW YEAR LUCKY BUNDLE - 'Kansha Fukubukuro'

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To say thank you to all of our amazing customers for your support over the last few months, we have decided to create this FANTASTIC bundle as a way to thank you for continued support to help KendoStar provide you with the best products and service possible!

HOW IT WORKS: The bundle contains a random selection of our fantastic products with a MINIMUM value of £500 GBP (Approx $680 USD!!) - That is DOUBLE the price you pay!

BUT THERE'S MORE - The prices we will use to count towards the £500 value of the bundle will be the current SALE prices, and not the usual retail price - that means that you'll get even MORE value from this amazing deal.

Simply enter your sizing information, and gender - we will use that to select the appropriate products for your bundle deal!

*PLEASE NOTE - This bundle is limited by availability and we cannot guarantee what type of items will be included. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT REQUESTS FOR SPECIFIC ITEMS.

We will ensure to include a good selection of items that will be of excellent use to Kendoka of all levels.

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