Loyalty Points Ts&Cs

KendoStar Loyalty Points Programme - Terms and Conditions

KendoStar Loyalty Points Programme - Terms and Conditions

We're thrilled to express our gratitude for your loyalty and active participation. Please take a moment to review and comprehend the terms and conditions of our loyalty points programme. By engaging in this programme, you acknowledge and accept these terms.

1. Earning Loyalty Points:

1.1. Earn 5 loyalty points for every £1 spent on purchases at kendostar.com. We value your ongoing support and want to reward you for it.

1.2. You'll also earn loyalty points when you write a product review. However, please note that points are granted once per order, not per individual product within the order. For example, if you review multiple items in a single order, you'll receive points only once.

1.3. TrustPilot reviews are eligible for loyalty points as well. Nevertheless, you'll receive points for your initial TrustPilot review only. Any subsequent reviews, even for distinct orders, won't earn additional points.

2. Awarding and Denial of Points:

2.1. KendoStar maintains the right to award or withhold reward points at our discretion. All reviews and actions will be assessed before points are granted.

2.2. If a review is found to violate our guidelines, be inappropriate, or lack authenticity, we retain the option to withhold points.

2.3. Awarded points are subject to review and may be adjusted or revoked in case of any violations or inconsistencies.

3. General Terms:

3.1. Points earned through the KendoStar Loyalty Points Programme possess no cash value and aren't exchangeable for monetary funds.

3.2. Points cannot be transferred and are solely intended for use within the loyalty programme.

3.3. KendoStar reserves the right to modify or conclude the loyalty points programme at any time. Notifications regarding changes will be communicated through the website.

3.4. By participating in the loyalty programme, you consent to receiving communications related to points, rewards, and programme updates via email.

4. Data Privacy:

4.1. The personal information collected for the loyalty programme will be handled in compliance with our Privacy Policy.

5. Contact Us:

If you have inquiries or concerns about the loyalty points programme, please contact our customer support team at mail@kendostar.com.

Thank you for being a valued part of the KendoStar community. We're excited to acknowledge your engagement and support through our Loyalty Points Programme!