[WAZA STUDY] - Masahiro Miyazaki's Kote Waza

Masahiro Miyazaki is one of Kendo's most famous competitors, having won first place in the All Japan Championships a record six times. Arguably, he is most famous for his supersonic Men attacks, and his ability to launch them from a standstill.

However, his Kote Waza is equally impressive. Perhaps because he was so famous during his competitive career for his Men attacks, many of his opponents may have never expected to be defeated by such wonderful Kote strikes. 

Here is a collection of some of his notable Kote points:

If you are able to look past the energetic background music, and study his strikes, it can be seen that many of his Kote points come from a place of Seme towards the opponent's Men. That is to say, that being extremely famous for having such a powerful Men strike, and being able to influence his opponents' mind enough throughout the match, so as to have them feel that they would be struck on the Men, he was able to create his opportunity for Kote.

Much like his Men attacks, his Kote attacks are not only lightning-fast, but seem to appear from nowhere. An absolute inspiration.

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  • His timing is so good. He reads the opponents movements extremely well.

    Dennis Glen Daley
  • Brilliant! what struck me was that he was very often using ura-harai kote or kaeshi kote. And when you think of the wrist and finger work needed to twist around the opponents’ shinai and get such a clean tenouchi… you wish you were training everyday all day to get even just close to what he does.

    Luc Borot

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