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  • Hi there Andy.

    Excellent documentary, and I know in my heart you will do well what with the devotion and drive you have to succeed, we have chatted briefly via email, but my goal in life so far is to team up with you one day whether its in Japan or in Blackpool.
    Im from Brixton, South London and moved to Toronto well over 30 years ago and one year ago I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to be with my better half who has set up home in Shelburne, NS, but its a small town and I stayed put in the City so that I could be with a small group of Kendoka’s, our club is the only one in the Province and the only one east of Quebec City, so as Godan I’m constantly pushing myself to improve and to drive the students to a higher level, what keeps me grounded and humble is watching your video’s, and I take great joy in writing down notes that will not help me but the guys that I train with, I truly feel that we have the same similarities but I’m up there in my 60’s but still feel like a spring chicken.
    For not having a higher Sensei around I believe we as a group are doing really well, I would have to drive or fly to Quebec or Toronto to get a higher level of Kendo and hope to do just that in the not to distant future.
    Thanks for all that you do and wish you tons of luck for the time and days to come.

    All the best from NS.
    Halifax ShuuRenKan Kendo Club, NS.

    Michael Robertson

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