[VIDEO] - A Promise Kept: Our Epic Kendo Trip to the USA!

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Three years ago, I made a promise to a dedicated viewer of Kendo RANT; learn from our 'Zero to Shodan' series without deviating for a full year, and I would personally travel to the USA to teach him.

Many would say it's impossible to truly grasp Kendo without joining an established club, but this student defied all odds. In this special vlog, Miyuki and I take you on a heartwarming journey to the USA to fulfil that promise, and witness firsthand the incredible achievement of a group of students who went from the very beginning to earning his Shodan!

We hope you enjoy this tale of determination, commitment, and the transformative power of Kendo. It's a celebration of breaking barriers, both in learning and in life. If you've ever doubted the potential of human commitment or faced naysayers, let this story inspire you to challenge the impossible.
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  • Good to see Boman Sensei’s dojo on his Zekken, it was always a good friendly dojo that was very welcoming to a relative beginner stuck in San Jose on business, though I haven’t managed to go for a decade.
    I have also trained in Colorado, its not until you start training that you really realise the difference in Oxygen levels.

    Roger Pimlott
  • Very nice video of your kendo trip to Buena Vista. It’s good to see you kept your word and came help this new born club, which is part of the virtues of a gentleman as those of a martial artist. Hope you enjoyed your stay as much as the RMKC members. Kendo, friends, scenic surroundings and fair weather were there to make this trip unforgettable. I’m sure that wearing the men most of the time should’ve protected your complexion from the sunburns.
    Keep rocking Andy !

    Piorowicz Hervé
  • Awesome that the whole story worked out. Good on them…and you…for the follow through. So cool that you made it all the way from England to Colorado. It looked from you video that is was positive experience for all.

    Ray Arensdorf
  • What an awesome looking place. Hats off to those guys getting their club off the ground. I’m sure they got plenty of value out of this visit.

    Tristan Hann

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