[SPOTLIGHT] - Tokyo Regional Qualifying Matches for 2021 All Japan Championships!

Last weekend saw the 60th edition of the Tokyo Prefectural Championships - which also serves as the qualifying tournament for the All Japan Championships.

This edition of the tournament saw the return of Japan's elite Police Kendo teams, members of which unsurprisingly took the top spots. The final match unfortunately ended with the withdrawal due to injury of one player, before any points were scored, but here are the videos of the semi-final matches, featuring the competitors who will represent Tokyo at the All Japans later this year:
Semi Final 1 - Takayuki Yano vs Kousuke Hatakenaka:
Semifinal 2 - Keita Miyamoto vs Yuya Takenouchi:
Final Match - Takayuki Yano vs Yuya Takenouchi:
All 4 competitors will compete as representatives of Tokyo prefecture in the 2021 All Japan Kendo Championships.
Videos from -  Kendo Information Channel Let's Kendo
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