[SPOTLIGHT] - NAOKI EIGA SENSEI's Message from the AJKF (includes English transcript!)

Check out this great message from Naoki Eiga Sensei, published by the All Japan Kendo Federation. A rough translation of the message is as follows:
'We would like to express our sincere condolences and sympathies with those who have lost their lives, or are currently battling with COVID-19.
Further, to those involved in providing helathcare, everyone who support our every day lives, we extend out gratitude' 
"My name is Eiga Naoki from Hokkaido. I'm sure everyone is finding the current time difficult. Here in Hokkaido, there was a large outbreak in February, which for a time calmed down. But, now the number of infections has risen again, and we are in a situation where we cannot do Kendo at all.
Right now, the important things for us to concentrate on are to avoid infection, to avoid infection of others, and prepare ourselves for when we can resume Kendo.
First, is to inspect our Shinai and Bogu.
Second, is to return to our Kamae, and basics (Kihon).
And third, is to improve our basic physical condition.
On the Hokkaido Kendo Federation homepage, there are some videos that myself and Mr. Ando have made regarding training at home. Please take a look at them.
Finally, please ensure that you do not perform Keiko with other people under any circumstances. Performing Keiko with other people unfortunately makes the likelihood of spreading the virus exceptionally high.
Let's do our best to return to the situation where we can do Kendo again."
"Training alone, at home.
Mr. Naoki Eiga, and Mr. Sho Ando are featured in some videos relating to training at home, on the Hokkaido Kendo Federation website. Please take a look!
(Unofficial Translation by A.Fisher - KendoStar Ltd.)
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