SPOTLIGHT - Japan Top-Level Nito vs Jodan

The legendary swordsman, Musashi Miyamoto, is famed for facing his opponents using both a long sword (Daito) and a short sword (Shoto) at the same time. This style of fighting is called Nito Ryu.

Nito Ryu also appears in Kendo, and exponents are allowed to use a long Shinai and a short Shinai to accomplish this. It is very difficult, and also very rare.

Here is a clip of one of Japan's most accomplished Nito Ryu Sensei - Ryoichi Fujii (Kyoshi 8th Dan), competing in the All Japan East-West Tournament. Interstingly, Fujii Sensei faces off with Hiroyuki Kikuchi (Kyoshi 8th Dan), who is an exponent of Jodan:

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Video from - 福島一刀流

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