[SPOTLIGHT] - 2018 All Japan Championships Final - Nishimura vs. Uchimura!

November 3rd is known as 'Bunka no Hi', or 'Culture Day' in Japan, and is a day used to celebrate Japanese culture. It is also the day on which the annual All Japan Kendo Championships are held.  

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As always, this year featured a collection of brilliant matches - featuring Japan's top competitors from across the nation. The final match saw a re-match of September's All Japan Police Championship final - and also of last year's All Japan Championships - seeing Hidehisa Nishimura of Kumamoto challenging for his 3rd victory, and veteran Ryoichi Uchimura, on his 13th entry to the tournament, challenging for his 4th victory:

Video from -  全日本剣道連盟

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