[SHIAI VIDEO] Japan WKC Member's Latest Match!

The Gyokuryuki is one of the largest Kendo tournaments in the world, usually with 900-1000 teams competing over 5 days. It is currently happening in Fukuoka now, and we already have some footage of the girls' final matches.

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This video shows the Taisho match of the semi-final of the girls' Gyokuryuki tournament, between the powerhouse Nakamura Gakuen (Red) and Fukuoka Fukushou (White). What is of particular interest is that the Taisho of Nakamura Gakuen is Maika Seno - the youngest member of the Japanese national team for the upcoming World Kendo Championships. I will not spoil the result of this match here, but I think it is also interesting to watch the reaction of the defeated team's coach/teacher - I feel it says a lot about what Kendo is supposed to be about :

Video from: NO KENDO, NO LIFE

Also, here's a video we did on The Kendo Show, a couple of years ago, explaining the rules and concept of the Gyokuryuki tournament:

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