[PLAYER SPOTLIGHT] - Japan's Youngest Ever Champion - Yuya Takenouchi

From being a young boy, Yuya Takenouchi has been something of a Kendo superstar. Taking the Taisho position, he helped his High School (Fukuoka University's Ohori High School) achieve victory in the prestigious Gyoku Ryu Ki tournament - two years in a row.

After graduating Ohori, he went on to Tsukuba University, where his Kendo would go from strength to strength. In his 3rd year at University, he qualified for the All Japan Championships as a representative of Fukuoka prefecture. 

He was considered the underdog from the start, being of such a young age, and being comparatively inexperienced. He was just 21years old, and 4th Dan at the time, and was in a tournament that has been dominated by more experienced Police Officers for a very long time. He was, however, able to defy the odds, and in what made for an extremely entertaining tournament, Takenouchi was able to crush all opposition, achieving a clear, and decisive victory - becoming the youngest ever recipient of the title All Japan Champion :

Video from: dodaichi85

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