[TRANSLATION] - Teramoto Sensei Demonstrates Osaka Police's 364-Day Practice Regime

Here is a great video of Shoji Teramoto Sensei explaining and demonstrating the practice regime at the Osaka police department, including a brief translation of his comments!

Here is a quick interpretation of what Teramoto Sensei explains at the beginning of the video:

“Well done for the first half of today’s practice. I have 30 minutes for a small seminar with you, and because there are only 30 minutes, myself and Mr. Yatsuhashi will spend about 10 minutes performing the practice menu that we do at Osaka police. Afterwards, I will explain the meaning and methods behind each exercise for the remainder of the time we have.

The Osaka police department has achieved victory in the All Japan Police Championships, and the practice is centered around achieving victory in Shiai. You may think that such a practice menu would include lots of Shiai practice matches - but it does not. About 80 or 90% or the Keiko is Kihon and Uchikomigeiko. Throughout the year, we usually only include Shiai practice matches about one month before an official Shiai. Otherwise, we just do Uchikomi. By doing so, we aim to improve the overall level of our basics, and figure out our Tokui-Waza (best techniques), and improve our ability to win Shiai. Osaka police practice this way for 364 days in a year - with one day of the year spent at the All Japan Police Championships. In order to perform our best on that single day, we spend the other 364 days training Kirikaeshi, Uchikomi, Kakarigeiko etc.

Therefore, although it may just be Uchikomi that we perform for you, if you are able to find one or two hints or ideas on how to improve your own practice, I will be happy. I will also explain in more detail afterwards. The Keiko will take around 10 minutes, so please sit comfortably and watch.”

Hope you enjoyed!
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