MINI BLOG/VIDEO - Team Japan's Youngest Members

When the Japan National Team for the 17th World Kendo Championships was announced, to the surprise of many, the men's team included 19yr old university student Keita Hoshiko, and the women's team included 17yr old high school student Maika Seno. Let's have a look at these rising stars, that have managed to achieve one of the most prestigious titles in Japanese Kendo - that of Nihon Daihyou (Country Representative).

Here's a collection of points scored by Hoshiko whilst he was a high school student, at Kendo powerhouse - Kyushu Gakuin.

And here's a look at 2017's All Japan High School Championships, Women's Individual Divison - Seno is the competitor with the white ribbon (but navy Kendogi and Hakama). Her first point is at about 3 minutes 20 seconds, and the final point is about 4 minutes in - and it's an impressive one!

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    Videos from - -シャいずみ and 剣道総合サイト LET'S KENDO

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