[SPOTLIGHT] - Masashi Chiba Sensei vs Tsumura Sensei's One-Handed Migi-Jodan!

We all know about the 5 basic Kamae of Kendo, and we rarely see anything other than Chudan, or occasionally Jodan, outside of the Nihon Kendo Kata. However, very occasionally, there are instances of accomplished Kenshi applying other Kamae - and even variations on the basic 5.

I have written several blog posts now about the wonderful example of Jodan that was given to us by Masashi Chiba Sensei. He was a multiple All Japan Champion afterall - and one of the most celebrated Kendoka of all time. 

In this video of the 2000 Tokyo Kendo Festival, Chiba Sensei faces off with another well-known 8th Dan Sensei - Kosaku Tsumura. However, in an intersting turn, Tsumura Sensei quickly adopts an unusual fighting posture, to tackle Chiba Sensei's Jodan. This Katate-Migi-Jodan makes for an unusual, but entertaining match:

Video Source : 941373pman

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  • the kamae reminds me to tankendo

    Sunaryo Sun
  • Nice find Andy. For a nice example of Hasso no kamae being used against nito, check out Toda Sensei Vs Kondo Sensei at Kyoto Taikai embu on Youtube. Its also a nice display of some koryu technique in Kendo.

    Tristan hann

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