• Hey Andy, to me you have really explained why Kendo will never be in the Olympics and why I do not like
    being Shinpan. Its too subjective and there are too many nuances. Also to disagree with the call is to disrespect the Shinpan. In the west we have too many inexperienced Shinpan who yes, sorry, make bad calls. They are 4th Dan and up but they are North American 4th Dan, more like 2nd Dan or 3rd Dan in the East. This is really because most of us don’t practice more than a few hours a week. I feel there should be Shinpan training on a regular basis for people who want to study it. Not just thrown into a shiai and be expected to make accurate decisions. I think what is sometimes expected is even if you make a mistake you must be definite in your decision. Abrupt, precise posture, arm out-stretched with flag at the precise angle. This is important to demonstrate you are 100 per cent positive of you decision. We are attempting to give lower rank kendoka some Shinpan practice but it’s an hour or two every few months. More specific training on a regular basis is needed.

    Dennis Glen Daley
  • Thanks
    For this. I love shimpanning. I do find that using your hearing helpd too. The lack of finish from thecwhite kendoka does make sense. I do find that actually reffing another sport certianly helps too.

    Alice Graham

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