[KENKAKU] - FULL MATCH Andy Fisher vs 'Maru Sensei' Prize Match at Tokyo KENKAKU Event!

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KendoStar CEO and presenter of The Kendo Show - Andy Fisher - participated in a new special Kendo tournament, held in Tokyo, Japan, called KENKAKU. This event was organised by Japanese popular Kendo YouTuber 'Kenshi-kun'.

Unlike other Kendo tournaments, this is a 1 on 1 style series of matches, where selected competitors - made up largely of Kendo related social media influencers and YouTubers - face off against each other, in an almost boxing-style format.

The rules were standard San-bon Shobu (best of 3 points), for 5 minutes, with a 2 minute extended time, followed by a judges decision, should the match not be decided. The winner of each match would receive 50,000 Yen prize money.

The video is in Japanese, but is easy to follow.

Here is Andy's match:

Video from - けんしくん【剣道】

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