[KENDO TALK] - Women's Representation in Kendo Media

In this video, Andy and Miyuki talk about a recent topic, highlighted on Facebook, about how women are represented in Kendo media.

Here's a list of the inspirational Kendoka we mention, who happen to be female:

Chinatsu Murayama

Mizuki Matsumoto

Mariko Yamamoto

Yuka Kozuno (Tsubota)

Mika Shimokawa

Yuki Ogata

Sayuri Shodai (Ishizuki)

We'll look to increase the profile of Kenshi such of these by continuing to share videos of some of their matches via our blog at - kendostar.com :

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  • My sincerest apologies for not spelling Sofie’s name correctly.
    Sofie Macak.

    Kate Sylvester
  • Hi Daniel,

    Sophie Macak was the first woman to represent Australia at the World Kendo Championships. She carried the flag for Australia at the 1991 Toronto WKC. She will never be forgotten as our pioneer of women’s kendo in Australia ❤️

    Kate Sylvester
  • Hi Andy
    Great conversation!!
    My ex-girlfriend RIP was a pioneer of women’s kendo in Australia…her name was Sofie Macak and her memory will live in my heart. My time practicing kendo will always be a precious memory in my life. Long live those who have been before.
    Kind regards Daniel

    Daniel Martin

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