[KENDO RANT] - Waza Against Do? Correct Tsubazeriai?

Keep the questions coming, as there are more KENDO RANT videos on the way!

This time, I am talking about people who are techniques to use against Do, and correct Tsubazeriai:

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  • Interesting rant on Tsubazeriai, I didn’t add it up but the ladies team final must have been more minutes in Tsubazeriai than ‘fighting’. They didn’t watch your rant. Quite a few gogi which looked like they were debating overly long Tsubazeriai with no real attempt at striking or separating, even a Hansoku. The match looked like it was either about winning or perhaps more succinctly, not losing. The dichotomy of kendo the art and kendo the sport? Would you like to have a rant on that topic?


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