[KENDO RANT] - Left-Handed Kendo and Reverse Chudan?

A question that seems to pop up from time to time, and has been posted on my last video, is in reference to Kendo for left-handed people.


Should left handed people have their hands and feet reversed? Is this prohibited? Here's what I think :

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  • Hi Andy, thank you very much for the video. I actually had this question about reverse chudan that I tried as I have an long time injury on my left elbow from a bike accident and it relieves me to do the reverse chudan. It also relieves my left hip…I asked once a Japanese seven Dan in Paris who told that I could do it, after a few years of practise…Anyway, good to know that it is not forbidden. Maybe just tolerated as a side practise whilst keeping the regular chudan for main practise, in order to avoid worsening my injury?

    Julien Mardelet

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