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  • For movies, Ken, adapted (with a lot of changes) from a short story by Mishima, is a remarkable kendo-movie about conflicts of value at the start of modern-style post-war kendo. Modernity clashing with nationalist and traditionalist values, if you see what I mean. Concerning the ‘angry sensei’ or sadistic methods of instruction, this is a good one. Expect quite a few footsweeps.
    For jidai geki, Ame agaru (After the rain), based on Kurosawa Akira sensei’s last screenplay, written before he passed away, is an absolute masterpiece, though there’s more kenjutsu and iaijutsu or iaido in it. The morality of the tale is also absolutely charming. The samurai’s wife’s utter honesty to the old buffs serving the open-minded daimyo is a testimony to Kurosawa’s humanism. A must-see for all kenshi.
    A very personal list, but that’s all I can give.

    Luc Borot

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