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  • Hey Andy! Long time no see. Hope you’re well, was drawn to this video by the “how to grade against Jodan” title because I’ve just freshly come off my Godan shinsa against one! And I failed T.T
    I’ve got a lot of advice on it since, but would love to hear your thoughts anyway – expanding on your rant in the video.
    First of all I was very taken aback as I was not expecting him to go into the kamae, and could not land a single good ippon on my grading partner. So it was deserved. My main problem was, I was so worried about my own form. I tend to block a lot playing against Jodan in normal circumstances. Then I would normally try some debana or hiki-waza.
    I’m told that going into a Godan exam to stick to the Men and the Do hits, avoid Kote, and don’t do hiki-waza. Of course playing Jodan kote would be your main target, so that should be ok, but what about hiki-waza? How about blocking? Does a “missed” tsuki/gyakudo have any negative impact on your grading, since so much is emphasized on eliminating unnecessary hits and to really show proper seme for Godan? Thank you!!

    Chris Meyer

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