• Dear Mr. Cristophe Rodrigue, forgive me if I intervene in the conversation. I do it because even though it looks more like a private dispute than a common interest point for the community of kendo, it is talking about something perhaps important enough for all those who attend calses in a martial arts clubs. The concept of authority is something of the most important to create the right atmosphere for learning and from this atmosphere all the members of the club are in some way responsible. If the woman you are talking about is responsible for theteaching in the dojo then it does not matter if she has less experience, if she is younger, woman, blonde, brunette, friendly, hateful, presumed, etc, etc … you have to do what she says or, alternatively, find another place to practice. It may seem very hard to accept but it is the only way to manage a dojo without headaches and problems that only generate useless tensions and confusion among practitioners. Greetings.

    Andrea Zanoni
  • Kendo promotes opposition and rules to allow this safely within a technique and adequate equipment
    This lady thinks she has authority and knowledge to teach because she decided so and is whingeing because others are challengeing her.
    Well she will have to accept her limitations and the obligation to learn before teaching.
    I did exactly the same as her fourty five year ago….BUT…I taught beginners.
    If this lady has special charisma she can empower those guys to share their knowledge, say for demo and beginner tuition.
    The problem has to be understood also from the sempai point of view. Recognition and use of their experience is compulsory .
    Now that I am on the experienced side of my fencing life I can tell you that the arrogance of ignorant younger kendoka is amazing.
    I have seen time and again young trainers invite professionnal japanese police instructors and carry on teaching as if their guest is there to watch and condone it all.
    This lady should understand that if she tries to dominate an essentially domineering male activity she is going to have to prove her mettle one way or another.
    And bleating to Andy is simply weak.

    Christophe Rodrigue

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