[CLASSIC VIDEO] - 25yr Old Kazuo Furukawa Sensei vs 31yr Old Hironori Yamada!


Kazuo Furukawa Sensei - now Hanshi 8th Dan - of Hokkaido prefecture, is a well known Kendo Sensei, being the former High School teacher of none other than Naoki Eiga Sensei. There are plenty of videos of Furukawa Sensei competing in super-high level matches, such as the 8th Dan tournament, but very few of him from his younger days.

Hironori Yamada Sensei - also currently Hanshi 8th Dan -  is one of the Kendo Superstars of yesteryear. He was All Japan Champion in 1973, and Individual World Champion in 1979. I have had the privilege of practicing with Yamada Sensei, at his Dojo in Japan, and it truly was one of the most memorable practices of my life.

This video takes us on a journey back to the 1979 All Japan Kendo Championships, where a 25yr Old, 5th Dan, Furukawa Sensei faces off with 31yr Old, 7th Dan, Yamada Sensei. This is in fact a re-match, from the Individual World Championships' final from earlier that year. It's a thrilling match, with some great Ippon! I won't spoil the outcome, as it is well worth watching the entire match:


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