[CLASSIC VIDEO]- 1998 Gyokuryuki Uchimura vs. Takahashi *plus* Rematch 20 Years Later!

Check out this classic video from the 1998 Gyokuryuki High School Championship finals - featuring Kyushugakuin (Kumamoto) vs Kokushikan High School (Tokyo). What's great about this video is the Taisho (captains) match is fought between Ryoichi Uchimura (Kyushugakuin) and Hidehito Takahashi. A match-up that would be re-fought almost 20 years later, at the 2009 All Japan Kendo Championships finals:   
Video From -  CFG7Am
BONUS: Here's footage from the re-match between Uchimura and Takahashi from the 1009 All Japan Championships: 
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