[CLASSIC SHIAI] - Takumi Chikamoto's Iconic TSUKI from 51st All Japan Championships!

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The All Japan Championships is considered by many to be the pinnacle of high-level competition Kendo. Every year, the final of the tournament always makes for an entertaining, and exciting match.

In this throwback to the 51st edition of the tournament, we are treated to a thrilling, yet beautiful match. The competitors are Satoru Harada from Tokyo Metropolitan Police, and Takumi Chikamoto, from Aichi Prefectural Police. What ensues as fantastic duel of Seme, rather than of Shiai. As the two face-off, slowly looking to break holes in the others' defences, a calm, yet at the same time explosive match follows. For me, it really encapsulates the ideal of such a high-level tournament. The final point is also beautiful in its simplicity:

Video from - MyongjiKENDO

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