[CLASH OF TITANS] - Miyazaki Brothers vs Eiga Brothers in '97 All Japan Champs!

Masahiro Miyazaki Sensei is one of the most accomplished and decorated competitors in Kendo history. Together with Naoki Eiga Sensei, they are considered by many to be amongst the most influential Kendoka in the world.
In this video, we get to see a brilliant summary of the 45th All Japan Kendo Championships - from 1997 - which not only saw Masahiro Miyazaki Sensei AND Naoki Eiga Sensei, but also saw their respective brothers in the semi-finals too! Hideyuki Eiga Sensei is Naoki Eiga Sensei's older brother, and Fumihiro Miyazaki Sensei is Masahiro Miyazaki Sensei's younger brother. All four of them make up the competitors in the semi-finals, and they're all in this video:
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