[AWESOME WAZA] Men Nuki Gyaku Do!

Men-Nuki-Do is often a technique that many adult Kendoka struggle with. It requires good timing, and Seme, and is comparable, in many ways, to Debana Waza. Gyaku Do (Hidari or Left-side Do) is also a very difficult Waza, that also has to be executed at the perfect time to be considered valid. So what if you were to combine the two...

In this video, from the 48th All Japan East vs West Tournament, Masahiro Koyama Sensei (now Kyoshi 8th dan) certifies himself as a genuine card-carrying member of the Kendo BAMF club, by demonstrating exactly what Men-Nuki-Gyaku-Do looks like. His opponent, is no other than Toshiya Ishida Sensei (also now Kyoshi 8th dan), one of the most decorated competitors in Kendo history :

Video from: 全日本剣道連盟

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  • Don’t quite understand. Men was struck first. Do strike did not demonstrate zanshin and the shinai hit the floor.

    Dennis Glen Daley

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