[2019 EKC] - Watch All Final Videos from 2019 European Kendo Championships!

Check out these videos from the Finals of the 29th European Kendo Championships, held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 24th-26th May 2019 -
Junior Team Finals - Russia (Red) vs Serbia (White):
Junior Individual Finals - J.K. Wright (Great Britain in Red) vs L.Klyuev (Russia in White):
Women's Team Finals - France (Red) vs Netherlands (White):
Women's Individual Finals - M.Ponomareva (Russia in Red) vs L.Meinberg (Germany in White):
Men's Team Finals Part 1 - France (Red) vs Serbia (White):

Men's Team Finals Part 2 - France (Red) vs Serbia (White):
Men's Team Finals Daihyou-Sen (Representative Match) - France (Red) vs Serbia (White):
Men's Individual Finals - G. Babos (Hungary in Red) vs K. Nakabayashi (France in White):
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