SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT - Kiri Bokken (for Suburi)

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT - Kiri Bokken (for Suburi)

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This Kiri Bokken is made of selected high quality 'Kiri' wood. 

It is recommended for Kendo practitioners who need a extremely light Bokken for use in Suburi to develop the correct swing, and also improving 'Ichibyoushi' (one-step-pace) cuttting, and Hikitsuke-Ashi (pulling up the left foot quickly)

What is Kiri?

Kiri is also know as 'Paulownia Tomentosa'. Kiri is an extremely light wood that has been used for making wooden boxes for storing tea ceremony tools and Japanese Katana since ancient times in Japan. Because of it's extreme light weight and softness, it cannot be used for contact or Kata practice, and should ONLY be used for Suburi.

Length: 101.5cm

Weight: Approx. 190g

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