KendoStar Limited Lifetime Warranty

KendoStar Warranty

KendoStar Product Warranty

KendoStar products are rigorously tested to meet stringent standards. If a problem occurs with one of our original KendoStar products (the "Product") and the problem is caused by manufacturing defects in material and/or workmanship, KendoStar Ltd. will, in its discretion, either fix or replace the Product in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions stated herein. The warranty provided for herein applies only to and extends for the lifetime of the first purchaser or gift recipient of the Product.

Warranty Coverage

This warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not cover any damage caused by misuse (such as use for any practice other than Kendo practice or Shiai, using correct Kendo equipment), neglect, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water (to sensitive areas), normal wear and tear or transport damage (by airlines for example). While non-warranty maintenance or repairs on your Product can be performed by any company, KendoStar requires that you use only KendoStar for repairs. Improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repairs void this warranty.

Please do not send your Product directly to us, as this will only delay the repair. Contact us beforehand and acquire confirmation that the problem is covered by the warranty.

This warranty is global, and you may have your Product repaired at our workshop in Saga, Japan. However, you are responsible for all costs of getting the Product to us, including, but not limited to, the cost of packaging, shipping, and applicable taxes. KendoStar Ltd. does not accept responsibility should the product be lost or damaged in the post.

Warranty Terms

For the product to be covered by the warranty, it must still display the ‘KendoStar’, ‘KS, or other relevant branding tag – removal of tags from the product results in immediate invalidation of the warranty.

Upon receipt, we will determine whether or not the problem is covered by the warranty. If the warranty applies, you will be notified as to whether the Product will be repaired or replaced. Any such repair or replacement will be at KendoStar Ltd.’s expense, including any costs required to return the repaired or replacement product to you. If the Product is to be replaced and the Product is no longer available, we will substitute a comparable product.

Incidental and consequential damages are expressly disclaimed. Labor charges and damages attributable to work performed by anyone other than KendoStar Ltd. are not covered by this warranty. To the extent permitted by applicable law, any implied warranties are hereby excluded. The warranty provided herein is limited to the value of the Product. Manufacturing specifications are subject to change without notice.

Important Points

  • Please note, the following problems are NOT covered by the warranty:
  • Wear and tear to the Kote palm (Tenouchi).
  • Wear and tear to the Men/Do Himo, Men Chichikawa, Mune Chichikawa, Do Chichikawa, and Herikawa.
  • Chips, scratches or other wear and tear to the Menbuchi lacquer.
  • Scratches and other marks to the Do-Dai.
  • General wear and tear that is deemed to be appropriate for the age of the product.
  • Wear and tear that is due to inappropriate maintenance or rough use of the product.
  • Odor and/or bad smells.
  • Items not carrying the ‘KendoStar’, ‘KS’ or other relevant branding tag. The warranty ONLY covers products purchased via KendoStar Ltd.
  • Fading or discoloration of the fabrics used to construct the product.
  • Products that are of the incorrect size, due to customer error (wrong measurement, etc.)
  • Splintering and/or breakage of Shinai (if this happens upon the first use, we will exercise discretion when determining whether or not to award a replacement, please contact us for further details.)
  • Shinai check failures. All of our Shinai are manufactured and supplied in accordance with the regulations set out by the All Japan Kendo Federation. However, we cannot be responsible for the accuracy of Shinai checks at individual events or tournaments. Therefore, we do not consider failure to pass a Shinai check to be grounds to consider our Shinai as defective under warranty.

It is imperative that contact is made with KendoStar Ltd. before any products are returned for repair or replacement under the warranty. Although you are responsible for shipping the product to us, we will cover the shipping cost back to you, should we confirm that the problem is covered by the warranty.

The warranty ONLY covers products purchased from KendoStar Ltd. Products not displaying relevant branding tags or that have had the tag removed will NOT be covered by the warranty.

For further information regarding this warranty, please don't hesitate to contact us via