'KACHI' - Elite Featherweight Pleat-Lock Hakama
'KACHI' - Elite Featherweight Pleat-Lock Hakama
'KACHI' - Elite Featherweight Pleat-Lock Hakama
'KACHI' - Elite Featherweight Pleat-Lock Hakama
'KACHI' - Elite Featherweight Pleat-Lock Hakama

'KACHI' - Elite Featherweight Pleat-Lock Hakama

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Our BEST Synthetic Pleat-Lock Hakama to date!

Courage, Benevolence, Justice, Courtesy, Honesty, Loyalty, Dignity - these are the virtues of the warrior, each represented by the pleats of the Hakama.
KACHI uses our popular pleat-lock stitching - meaning that each important pleat is fixed in place by two rows of stitching. One row is applied to the inside of the pleat, keeping it in place, whilst the second to the outer crease, ensuring its shape is kept clean, and crisp.

Further, the KACHI features a BRAND NEW Polyester fabric is not extremely only light and comfortable, wrinkle repellant, but features a beautiful rich deep navy colour - ensuring a dignified and clean appearance.
Thanks to the synthetic construction, KACHI can be worn all year round, and washed easily. The colour is close to that of a traditional Hakama, yet it can be washed with detergent without worrying about the colour fading or running*. Finally, its lightning-fast drying time means you can be back in the Dojo with it right away!

Perfect for all levels of Kendoka!


Hakama Size Approx Length in cm Recommended Height (Male) Recommended Height (Female)
22 85
155cm 150cm
23 88 160cm 155cm
24 92
165cm 160cm
25 96
170cm 165cm
26 98
175cm 170cm
27 103
180cm 175cm
28 106 185cm 180cm
29 110 190cm+ 185cm+

 Sizes are listed in CM. All sizes are approximate.

Actual product may slightly vary from photographs.

*If washing using a washing machine, we recommend a delicate setting, and for best results, place the Hakama inside a washing net, or old pillowcase.


PLEASE NOTE : Production time of embroidery is usually around 4-6 weeks.

Please choose from the above option if you would like to have personalised name embroidery.

IMPORTANT - Products with custom embroidery are not covered by our returns policy, therefore embroidered products are NOT eligible for return or refunds. Please carefully check the size you require before ordering. Production time of embroidery is usually around 4-6 weeks.

On a Hakama, personalised name embroidery goes in this location:

If you would like your name written in Japanese, either enter the Japanese characters (if you know them) or simply write in English, and select a Japanese font - our Japanese staff will accurately translate it into Japanese for you.

The selection of fonts is as follows:

J1 - Kaisho-Tai

 J2 - Gothic- Tai

 J3 - Reisho-Tai

J4 - Kantei-Ryu
J5- Samurai J6 - Bajoka R1 - Block R2 - Brussels Light
R3 - Script

R4 - Gothic

R5 - Bermuda Script

R6 - Tom's Handwritten


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