[WAZA STUDY] - Susumu Takanabe Sensei's DYNAMITE Men Waza

Susumu Takanabe is one of the most famous, and respected competitors in Kendo history, being one of only two people ever to have won the All Japan Kendo Championships two years in a row.

He is particularly renowned for his super-fast and powerful Men strikes. Let's have a look at a compilation of his Men points from the 2010 All Japan Championships!

Amazing how his Men strikes are launched as such high speeds, but from a complete standstill. I hope you enjoy!

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  • The last point of this video showcases one of the biggest refereeing mistakes in AJKC… And Uchimura’s absolute steadfastness even when defeated unfairly.
    I love Takanabe’s prowess. I respect Uchimura’s spirit!

    Sylvain Robert

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