WAZA STUDY - Shoji Teramoto's Men Waza (VIDEO)

Shoji Teramoto is undoubtedly one of the world's most famous, and successful Kenshi. He has been crowned both All Japan Champion, and individual World Champion, and although some consider his style to be a little unorthodox, it is undeniable that he is an admirable exponent of Kendo. 

Teramoto Sensei is a well-balanced competitor, who is able to adapt to various situations, using whichever Waza is appropriate for the situation. This is a rare quality among the top echelons of the competitive circuit - with many top-level players being somewhat famed for a specific Waza.

One thing that is clearly noticeable about Teramoto Sensei's Kendo is the overall elasticity that it exudes. He is able to deliver powerful, sharp strikes from almost any angle. This is backed up by razor-sharp footwork, that allows him to change the direction of his body instantly, and apply Seme in a variety of ways. Although he is clearly proficient in a complete variety of Waza, he is somewhat taller than most Japanese competitors - being over 180cm tall - so it is not surprising that he has an impressive ability to strike Men, in particular. Check out this collection of his Men points, from previous All Japan Championships :

Video Source : swkendo

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