[REPOST] - Daisuke Taoki's One-Handed Half-Jodan

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I originally posted this video to the blog in 2018, but as quite some time has passed since then, I thought it would be a great time to re-watch it.

In the video, a Kenshi by the name of Daisuke Taoki shows us how he deals with Jodan no Kamae. He adopts a unique one-handed half-Jodan, and it makes for a fantastic watch! As a side note, Mr. Taoki was known as a 'Kendo Superstar' during his high school and university days, though having not going into the police or teacher Kendo circuit, he did not go on to participate at the elite level - despite popular opinion that he easily could have. According to the comments on this video, he runs a kids' Kendo club in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka :

Video from: hi ii

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