[SPOTLIGHT] - Top 8th Dan Kendoka CLASH in Fantastic Bouts from 2021 8th Dan Invitational Tournament

As well as the Tokyo Prefectural Championships, last weekend saw the 21st 'Prince Tomohito of Mikasa Cup' Kendo 8th Dan Invitational Tournament.
This annual tournament makes its return after taking a break last year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and sees 8th Dan Sensei from the Tokyo and wider Kanto area compete in exciting individual matches
Semi-Final 1 - Hidenori Iwasa Sensei vs Kazuhiko Honna Sensei:
Semifinal 2 - Takamitsu Waguri Sensei vs Yasuhiro Fujiwara Sensei:
Final Match - Kazuhiko Honna Sensei vs Yasuhiro Fujiwara Sensei:
All 4 competitors will compete as representatives of Tokyo prefecture in the 2021 All Japan Kendo Championships.
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