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  • You know, I’d really like to hear your analysis or thoughts on this footage because the first time I saw this I was absolutely blown away by this and like many lower ranked Kendoka at the time time I considered the control and frankly the execution of some of the waza to be basically God like. Obviously I have a better understanding of context and the Sensei / sempai kohai relationship and that keiko and Shiai are different things. But still when I watch this now even with that understanding, I still find this to be at times (many times) such a dominant display of skill and control that’s so far beyond me. I’ve seen a couple clips of 9th Dan Sensei that are also amazing but it’s always been this footage that blew my mind the most. The way he returns that tsuki with his own for instance. Most of just don’t have the muscle memory or the balls to go anywhere near that kind of thing and even if we did we’d probably make a mess of it 😂. Anyway I still love watching it from time to time so thanks for sharing it. P.S I was once asked at after keiko beers who’s waza I’d most like to aquire and which waza. The example of Tsuki maki tsuki (if that’s what you even call that) was my choice. The other guys didn’t think it was that bad ass but oh well, I guess there’s just no pleasing some folks 😂. Take care Andy. Thanks for the Mouth Shields. They seem to work well enough so far paired with a stiffer eye shield. The fogging clears literally as soon as you move. We move a lot in Kendo so that sort of sorts itself out.

    Tristan Hann

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