[CLASH OF TITANS] - Masashi Chiba Sensei (Hanshi 8dan) vs Masatake Sumi Sensei (Hanshi 8dan)

Masatake Sumi Sensei (Hanshi 8th dan) is one of the world's most famous, and respected Kendo teachers. A teacher of Kendo teachers, in fact, his Kendo is both beautiful and indomitable. The late Masashi Chiba Sensei (Hanshi 8th Dan) is of equal renown and fame, and deservedly so, being one of the most influential exponents of Jodan no Kamae to have ever lived.

It could be considered both a pleasure and honor to watch either of these wonderful Kenshi in action, particularly in high-level Shiai. But how about watching both of them face off against each other?

Here is a clip from the Taisho match of the 58th All Japan East vs West Tournament, with Chiba Sensei representing the east, and Sumi Sensei representing the west :

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Video from -  Akos Vachter

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  • After 9 minutes of encho, its a good ippon.

    Laszlo Horvath
  • Interesting but I would not have awarded that last Kote. Too close, below the nakayui, no zanshin, tilted his body too far to the left. Just my subjective opinion.

    Dennis Glen Daley

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