MINI BLOG/VIDEO - Teramoto Sensei's Motodachi

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Video from - 鷹揚旗剣道動画
Check out this awesome example Shoji Teramoto Sensei acting as Motodachi for Kakarigeiko at a large practice for children. Watch how he carefully adjusts the distance, and (as it for kids of varying levels) gives clear, and precise openings - whilst maintaining intensity - providing these kids with a fantastic opportunity to hone their skills!
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  • very interesting especially in the dedication to teaching junior Kendo kids. thanks

    Nicholas Usui-Crook
  • Just would like to say that this is great for team building as well as focusing on ones Kendo, Kakarigeiko is not only good for the kids but for everyone, yet again another wonderful video that everyone can learn from.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Michael Robertson

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