MINI BLOG/VIDEO - Eiga Sensei AND Teramoto Sensei Teach How to Practice Men Cutting and Receiving

Check out this awesome video from a seminar taught by the famous Naoki Eiga Sensei, and assisted by Shoji Teramoto Sensei, for a few years ago. 

Eiga Sensei says, that when attacking large Men from a far distance, you should use correct footwork to take one step in, before striking - and not use walking footwork (Ayumi-ashi)., He also says that, when doing so, you should keep your posture straight and your head should not bob up and down. 

Next he talks about the importance of receiving (Motodachi). He says that Motodachi should quickly use good footwork (Ashi Sabaki), and body movement (Tai Sabaki), to move back to the centreline, so that the technique can be practiced properly. He makes a very nice point about how practicing Kendo requires two people, and even if you try as hard as you can, if you only practice properly when it is your turn to hit, then you are only doing half of the practice. He says that if your Kendo practice is for one hour, then you are only practicing for 30 minutes if you only concentrate when it is your turn to hit. Instead, you must practice for the full 60 minutes.

Finally, he talks about having Seme-Ai, when practicing a small, realistic type of Men strike. So instead of just shouting 'Yaaa!' and then stepping in and hitting Men, you instead should enter your cutting distance with intention, and Seme. Then you must create an opportunity, and the, instantly make a strike. He says it should be like a sudden 'explosion'.

What a great video! Hope you enjoy!
Video from 松風舘

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