[CLASH OF TITANS] - Two of Japan's ELITE Kendo Teachers Face-Off in 55th East West Tournament!

Kyushu Gakuin High School in Kumamoto prefecture is famed for producing some of the most successful Kendoka of all time - Ryoichi Uchimura, Hidehisa Nishimura, and Ryohei Yamada, to name a few. Many students go on to study at the renowned University of Tsukuba, in Ibaraki prefecture to continue their Kendo training. Hidehisa Nishimura is one such example, as well as graduates from other famous high schools, such as Yuya Takenouchi, and Susumu Takanabe.

In this great match from the 2009 East vs West tournament, we are treated to a match between Toshiro Komeda Sensei - the Kendo teacher from Kyushu Gakuin, and Takahiro Nabeyama Sensei - the Kendo teacher from the University of Tsukuba!

Video from: swkendo

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  • I thought the height difference would off been a factor but obviously not, but a great deal of respect for one another which I truly admired.

    Michael Robertson

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