[CLASH OF TITANS] - Tadaomi Hojo Faces Off With Yoshito Tachibana

I have posted a few videos in the past from the previous All Japan East vs West tournaments. It is a fantastic, annual event that pits selected competitors from across Japan, split into two huge teams.

In this match, two of my favourite competitors clash, in an epic, and entertaining match. Tadaomi Hojo - a policeman from Kanagawa - has been a member of the Japanese national team, and champion of the All Japan 7th Dan Tournament. His opponent, is former All Japan Student Champion, Yoshito Tachibana. Tachibana Sensei is a true inspiration, having competed at Japan's top level (achieving 3rd place in the All Japan Championships), whilst also living life as a regular citizen. Although most top-level competitors are police officers, or Kendo teachers, Tachibana Sensei works for Kyushu Electric Power Co., and is essentially a company worker. :

Video from - 全日本剣道連盟

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