[CLASH OF THE TITANS] - Hironori Yamada Sensei (Hanshi 8th Dan) clashes with Isao Oshitari Sensei (Hanshi 8th Dan)

I've published a few videos previously about the Tozai Taiko Tournament - or the All Japan East vs West Kendo Tournament, which is basically two single team Shiai. One 5 person team women's match, and one 35 person team men's match. In each category there is one team from the East of Japan, and one from the West. Competitors are selected to participate, and assigned to a team based on where they are living in the country. It always makes for a great series of matches to watch, as generally the selected members are well known, or famous Sensei in their own right. 

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In this video, we go back to the 2005 edition of the tournament, and take a look at the Fukusho match - between two Hanshi 8th Dan Sensei - Yamada Sensei, and Oshitari Sensei. Yamada Sensei is a former All Japan Champion AND individual World Champion, and what ensues is an epic battle between two Kendo titans :

Video from: iurinakamura

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