*NEW* - KendoStar 'KINJIRUSHI' Series - Deluxe MURASAKI KOKUTAN Daito Bokken

*NEW* - KendoStar 'KINJIRUSHI' Series - Deluxe MURASAKI KOKUTAN Daito Bokken

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'KINJIRUSHI' translates to Gold Seal, and represents the GOLD STANDARD of top-quality Bokken imported from Japan. Each Bokken in the KINJIRUSHI series is made using cuts of premium wood, and are built not only for a fantastic balance, but also excellent durability.

This Bokken is made out of Murasaki Kokutan (Purple Ebony). This is a heavier wood  giving it a distinctive feel and balance.

It is very heavy and is more particularly suited for Suburi or display and make excellent gifts following the successful passing of an exam.

Please note that as each Murasaki Kokutan Bokken is individually handcarved, you may need to manually adjust your Tsuba to get a perfect fit.

Please note that all Murasaki Kokutan Bokken are 'made to order' in Japan. Therefore, production time generally takes approximately 14-21 business days