*25% OFF!* - KendoStar 'KINJIRUSHI' Series - Premium ALL-PURPOSE Shinai 'KENSEI' - Set of 3

*25% OFF!* - KendoStar 'KINJIRUSHI' Series - Premium ALL-PURPOSE Shinai 'KENSEI' - Set of 3

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'KINJIRUSHI' translates to Gold Seal, and represents the GOLD STANDARD of top-quality Shinai imported from Japan. Each Shinai in the KINJIRUSHI series is made using cuts of premium bamboo, and are built not only for a fantastic balance, but also excellent durability.

Each KINJIRUSHI Shinai is carved by expert craftsman with the utmost care and attention.

Building on the success of our flagship KendoStar All Purpose Shinai Model. KENSEI is a premium All Purpose Shinai which is the perfect choice for all levels of Kendoka. 

It features a good balance, without being brittle, so it can be used for both practice, and for tournaments. The balance is also designed to feel like it is lightweight, and manoeuvrable, but without being overly light at the tip, meaning it doesn't encourage scrappy Kendo, or light hitting. Instead, it is easy enough to wield, even for multiple attacks - but also delivers a solid feel, so it is also good for those who like to perform powerful, one-shot style techniques. 

In addition to the KINJIRUSHI Series Shinai being made from premium cut bamboo, this same quality can be found in the deluxe double-folded leather fittings too.

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