*45% OFF* KendoStar Ultimate Best Seller Bundle - Bogu Set, Bogu Bag, GAIA UNIFORM, KS SHINAI

*45% OFF* KendoStar Ultimate Best Seller Bundle - Bogu Set, Bogu Bag, GAIA UNIFORM, KS SHINAI

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This bundle contains all of our best selling products in one place. It is a fantastic option for both beginners, and experienced Kendoka who are looking to get their hands on our best selling products, at a great value price!

The bundle contains:

1x - V-1 Bogu Set (£615)
1x - Reinforced Boston Style Travel Bogu Bag (£60)
1x - KendoStar Model All Purpose Shinai includes Tsuba and Tsubadome (£62)
1x - Nylon Shinai Bag for 3 Shinai (£45)
1x - Samurai Blue GAIA Elite Featherweight Uniform Set (£260)
1x - Compressed Bamboo Daito Bokken includes Tsuba and Tsubadome (£47)

Following on from the success of our previous GAIA Elite Featherweight Kendogi & Hakama, we are proud to present this NEW DESIGN beautiful synthetic uniform, that is lightweight, comfortable, and fast-drying. The BRAND NEW fabric has a beautiful deep-navy colour, and means that, despite these modern advantages, you still present a traditional appearance.

Perfect for all levels. A great first uniform, that looks great, and easy to care for, or for an experienced practitioner, looking for a light, quick-drying uniform, for intense, frequent practice.


Available in Navy only.

Hakama Size Approx Length in cm Recommended Height
22 87 155cm
23 90 160cm
24 93 165cm
25 97 170cm
26 101 175cm
27 106 180cm
28 110  185cm


1 51 73 49 150-160cm
2 63.5 81 54 160-170cm
3 68 86 58 170-175cm
3.5 73 90 60 175-180cm
4 75 91 61 180-185cm
4.5 80 93 65 185-190cm
5 81 100 67 185-195cm


Sizes are listed in CM. All sizes are approximate.

Actual product may slightly vary from photographs.


The concept of KendoStar has always been to supply the world with Kendo Bogu that is comfortable, protective and durable. V-1 is largely based on our flagship model - VANGUARD - which itself has become the world's favourite Extra-Protective Bogu set, and it is easy to see why. 

Echoing its spiritual parent, V-1 offers the same unrivaled COMFORT and PROTECTION, but at a new affordable price.  

COMFORT:      ★

PERFECT for beginners as a first-time Bogu set, V-1 will ensure that you get to enjoy Kendo to its fullest extent, without having to worry about pain or injury from hard strikes. Further, the increased comfort will ensure that you are able to move freely, and progress naturally through each practice. 

For Kendoka with more experience, looking for a good-value, protective Bogu set, V-1 presents itself as the perfect choice. 

Measuring Guide:


Mune Designs


Tsubasa Kazari 

Please note - Changing the Do-Dai from Standard Black may increase production time by 6-8 Weeks. 

The Men is stitched using extra-wide 10mm Pitch-zashi stitching - making the cushioning quality of the Futon exceptional. Further, an additional layer of 'Shin' (inner padding) is included, to ensure protection in optimized. This stitching is contiued on the Mendare (shoulder wings), maximizing flexibility and comfort. To improve hygiene, a new type of specially developed micro-bacterial felt is used for the Uchiwa (face padding), which dries quickly, and is resilient to odor.

The Kote also feature the same 10mm Pitch-zashi stitching, as featured on the Men, and also feature the same additional padding in the strike zone - keeping you protected from hard strikes. The wrist joint is made using an original cut, which is extremely flexible, whilst also being very durable. The palms are made using toughened synthetic leather, and Yoroi-Kazari is featured on the fists, and genuine deer's hair is used inside for increased maneuverability.

A 50pc type toughened synthetic black Do-dai (body protector) comes as standard, and a Kurozan Mune, with your choice of design.

The Tare has been designed to give not only a sophisticated appearance, but also excellent protection, comfort, and durability. The Mae-Obi features 10mm Pitch-zashi stitching, making it extremely soft and flexible. The panels, feature the same stitching, giving excellent protection and comfort.

    Literally perfect for ALL levels of Kendoka.