Deluxe Ladies' Jissengata Dobari Shinai ‘KI’ - Set of 3

Deluxe Woman’s Jissengata Dobari Shinai ‘KI’ - Set of 3

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Size - Ladies' 39 (440g+)

Set of 3, select-cut Jissengata Shinai.

KI is our deluxe Keichiku 'Jissengata' Shinai. The balance of KI is designed to keep the weight towards the hands, making the tip feel light, allowing for sharp, fast strikes to made with precision and ease.
Each KI Jissengata Shiai is made from a single bamboo plant, which provides the four slats with the best flexibility and durability. 


All Shinai from Mikatsuki Budogu are made using bamboo grown in our own facility, and all plants are hand selected for optimum performance. Final adjustments are also made by expert craftsmen to ensure a final product that is both well balanced, and reliable.

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