*NEW* - KendoStar 'KINJIRUSHI' Series - Premium TATEMEN JISSENGATA Shinai 'KABUTOWARI' - Set of 3

*NEW* - KendoStar 'KINJIRUSHI' Series - Premium TATEMEN JISSENGATA Shinai 'KABUTOWARI' - Set of 3

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'KINJIRUSHI' translates to Gold Seal, and represents the GOLD STANDARD of top-quality Shinai imported from Japan. Each Shinai in the KINJIRUSHI series is made using cuts of premium bamboo, and are built not only for a fantastic balance, but also excellent durability.

Each KINJIRUSHI Shinai is carved by expert craftsman with the utmost care and attention.

KABUTOWARI is a premium Jissengata Shinai which is not only perfect for elite competitors, but is a perfect choice for those looking for a Shinai which allows for fast, consecutive attacks. 

Further, KABUTOWARI is shaved using a special technique called 'Tatemen-Kezuri'. This is where the staves are shaved more in the vertical plane, rather than the horizontal - which is more labour intensive - but allows for the shape to be refined, whilst retaining a thicker stave, thus increasing durability, without compromising balance.

In addition to the KINJIRUSHI Series Shinai being made from premium cut bamboo, this same quality can be found in the leather fittings too. You can choose from either a Standard Tsukagawa or a Deluxe Double Folded Tsukagawa.

Further, you can add individual flair with our selection of coloured Tsuru. You can choose from either white, yellow, red, green, pink, purple and black.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each KINJIRUSHI Shinai is made to order in Japan, and prepared especially for each customer. Therefore, the production time of our KINJIRUSHI Shinai takes approximately 14-21 Business Days.