*35% OFF* - KendoStar 'KINJIRUSHI' Series - Deluxe SUNUKE Daito Bokken

*35% OFF* - KendoStar 'KINJIRUSHI' Series - Deluxe SUNUKE Daito Bokken

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'KINJIRUSHI' translates to Gold Seal, and represents the GOLD STANDARD of top-quality Bokken imported from Japan. Each Bokken in the KINJIRUSHI series is made using cuts of premium wood, and are built not only for a fantastic balance, but also excellent durability.

Only the wood that comes from trees that are 250-400 years old is called 'Sunuke'. Therefore, although a great deal of care and attention goes into their production, it is naturally not possible for all Sunuke Bokken to be exempt from small aesthetic imperfections. 

While the Isu wood which comes from the younger trees, is known for its beautiful color gradation, Sunuke is known for its dark colour which gives it a charm of its own.

The older the tree is, the more expensive the Sunuke wood becomes, and in the last few years, this material has become quite rare, it's said that maybe we will not be able get our hands at Bokken made out of this material in a not too far off future.

Both Isu and Sunuke wood are both prized materials for Bokken, making this Bokken a great choice for Suburi and Kata practice.

Please note that all Sunuke Bokken are 'made to order' in Japan. Therefore, production time generally takes approximately 14-21 business days


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