MINI BLOG/VIDEO - That Time Funatsu Sensei (Kyoshi 8th Dan) Pulverised All Opposition!

The All Japan 8th Dan Holder's Championship can be thought of as the pinnacle of competitive Kendo in Japan. A selection of famous 8th Dan holders are hand-picked by the All Japan Kendo Federation to gather and compete, and we get to see some of the most accomplished Kendoka in the world demonstrate Shiai.

Shinji Funatsu Sensei (Kyoshi 8th Dan) is a former member of the Japanese national team, and a  former winning member of the Osaka Prefectural Police Department's Kendo team at the All Japan Police Championships.

Funatsu Sensei is well known for powerful, explosive waza, and in 2010 he achieved a convincing victory at the 8th All Japan 8th Dan Holder's Tournament, defeating all of his opponents with two clear points. Here is a great video of some of his best points, including highlights from that year :

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