IPPON REEL: Masashi Chiba Sensei's (Hanshi 8th Dan) Points from Jodan

The late Masashi Chiba Sensei (Hanshi 8th Dan) is probably one of the most celebrated and respected Kendoka in history. Of course, the fact that he performed most of his Kendo from Jodan made him particularly interesting, however, beyond that he was an inspirational teacher on so many levels.

In today's Ippon Reel we'll take a look at some of his scoring strikes from the 22nd and 23rd Meiji Mura Tournament:

 The Meiji Mura Tournament was the predecessor to the All Japan 8th Dan Championships and is no longer held. It was fought between some of the most famous top-level Sensei in Japan, and is reminiscent of the All Japan Kendo Embu Taikai (aka the Kyoto Taikai), in that the competitors wear no coloured ribbons, and the Shinpan use no flags. 

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